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Industrial Policies in Africa - Call for Expressions of Interest Now Closed

Image Credit: DFID - UK Department for International Development

GDN's call for expressions of interest to generate locally produced, quality, empirical academic knowledge to inform debate on competitiveness strategies and to promote industrial productivity in African countries closed on 30 March 2017. Three research teams have now been selected for their high-quality proposals, and will receive grants of up to US $41,500 to implement their projects from July, 2017 to October, 2018.

These teams will undertake research on industial policies in Africa as part of the program, Mobilizing Local Knowledge to Improve Competitiveness Strategies, launched by GDN as the chosen partner of the Trade and Competitiveness Global Practice of the World Bank Group, with the financial support of the Competitive Industries and Innovation Program (CIIP). 

Selection Process

Stage 1: Call for expressions of interest

The recently closed call asked for detailed expressions of interest. Shortlisted candidates were invited to attend a training workshop in Africa in June, 2017 to exchange on the topic of industrial policies with other teams, policymakers and experts in the field, and to transform their expression of interest into a full-fledged research plan.             

Stage 2: Proposal submission

After the workshop, teams were given one month to submit a full-fledged proposal to be reviewed by the World Bank and a high level panel of experts. Selected teams now have the opportunity to implement their research proposal.

GDN Support

During the program, GDN will work closely with the selected teams to provide them with the support needed (beyond funding) to define the scope of the research, to effectively implement the research agenda, to monitor the research outcomes and to assist them in publishing the final research paper. 

In addition, GDN will provide mentoring services to the teams. Each team will benefit from the advice of a Scientific Advisor selected by GDN, i.e., a senior researcher who has recognized experience in the subject. These advisors will provide guidance on the research design, implementation, analysis and effective research outcomes through face-to-face meetings, seminars for peer-reviews and online communication during the entire course of each research project. It is expected that teams and their respective mentor exchange on a regular basis to cope with the problems teams encounter or to seek advice in the direction of the research.

During the program, the selected teams, their Scientific Advisors and the GDN Management Team are expected to gather periodically for methodological, peer review and dissemination workshops.

GDN promotes professional networking among researchers and believes in cross fertilization in ideas and knowledge. These different events are opportunities to learn from peers and benefit from the advice of other colleagues. GDN also expects the teams to use this international platform to reach, as much as possible, the policy makers in their countries. The Trade and Competitiveness Practice of the World Bank Group will mobilize its resources within the selected countries for broader dissemination and policy outreach.

For more information, contact Pierre Bertrand, Senior Program Associate.