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Mapping the development impacts of migration

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Name of the Asset | Mapping the development impacts of migration
Type of Asset | Working Paper
Authors | Laura Chappell, Dhananjayan Sriskandarajah (Head of the Migration, Equalities and Citizenship Team, ippr, London, England) 
Date | July 2007
Country and/or Region | United Kingdom



Migration remains at the top of the development agenda, given the large-scale and profound development impacts of the phenomenon. This paper presents a comprehensive framework for mapping the economic and social impacts of migration, focusing particularly on developing countries that send migrants to other countries, as a way to understand and frame the relationship between migration and development, and to help policymakers devise plans to optimize the overall development impacts of migration.

This paper contends that to move towards a more holistic analysis of migration and development impacts, we first need to have an idea of how migration and development are linked conceptually. This has been done by filtering the list of potential impacts of migration and creating a map, presented in the paper, which shows eight  areas of impact – people’s capabilities, as well as economic, education, health, gender, wider social, governance, environmental sustainability and disaster relief impacts. The table further outlines how these impacts may occur, as well as their respective likely relationships to development.


Name of the Program | Part of the Joint Global Research Project Development on the Move, Conducted by the Institute for Public Policy Research (ippr) and the Global Development Network (GDN).
Funder(s) | DFAT (formerly the Australian Agency for International Development), the Austrian Ministry of Finance, the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the UK Department for International Development (DFID) and NORAD.
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