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News Stories from 2015

Image Source: Wikimedia

September, 2015. Reconsidering Productivity for Inclusive Development. CFO Connect.

25 August, 2015. What Goes Up, Must Come Down’: The Open Data Loop. Ideas for Development.

1 July, 2015. Discovering the secrets of Benin’s forests to improve nutrition. The Guardian. 

9 June, 2015. Crafting Institutions for Localized Aid. Ideas for Development.

June, 2015. To Govern and to Serve: Putting our Money to Good Use. CFO Connect.

May, 2015. Protect Water, the 'Blue-Gold'.  CFO Connect.

Feb, 2015. Le Monde articles by Pierre Jacquet. Le Monde.

29 January, 2015. NCA Brings Natural Resource Issues to Light in Three Countries. WAVES.

22 January, 2015. Reinventing the Role of ODA. Ideas for Development.